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We are two entrepreneurs who create energy and are full of enthusiasm. From our meeting was born the company KARMASOL.
We wanted to create a company in its time, in step with the times and perhaps even ahead of its time. KARMASOL is the application of sustainable development, it is an actor in the energy transition, it is the control of energy, of its energy.
Its energy, because each citizen becomes an actor in its own energy production. Passive actor depending on whether one is content to benefit from the energy of the network. Or active player depending on whether you choose to produce your own energy. We help you produce your own energy!

Where to find us ?

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Our concept

We are therefore involved in energy management, through renewable energy installations, such as solar or wind power. We proceed with the installation of LED lights that consume much less energy on the electricity bill or the replacement (relamping) of old iodide, halogen, low-energy lamps with LED lights.
We also work on prevention for the proper functioning of electrical and electronic devices… thanks to our “Tropicalization” department. It is a question of cleaning and treating electrical, electronic and computer devices… for both professionals and individuals in order to protect against humidity, salty air, dust, mold and electrical failures!
We are also an internet service provider (ISP), in the same way as the most well-known operators in the market, but benefit from an exclusive internet broadcasting technology. You can benefit from our package offers via long distance WIFI to surf the net at your leisure.