Solar Eolian

Our island, like all those in the Caribbean, benefits from the regional amenities (sun, wind, sea, rivers) that the tourist industry can boast of, making it one of the most visited areas in the world. However, these same assets are also used to produce energy, our energy, your energy!

We install photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines, for individuals and professionals.

Our systems make it possible to power any site with a building, it then becomes possible to have electricity in isolated sites, that is to say areas where there is no access to the network. They allow you to consume your own electricity production for your home and also self-consumption with resale of the surplus to EDF. Likewise, we install photovoltaic solar panels for network injection for professional partners, that is to say the resale of all electricity production to EDF.

Why produce your own electricity?

Because firstly we have the means, by installing either solar or wind energy systems. Secondly, this allows us to be energy self-sufficient, particularly in the event of a network outage (very frequent due to the supplier’s inability to supply everyone at the same time, especially in the event of a consumption peak). Third, producing your own energy means reducing or canceling your energy bill (EDF for the majority).

Who benefits?

You are making a gesture for the planet, the environment but also children and grandchildren or nieces and nephews because it is about leaving a common good in good condition for future generations!
We are the first beneficiaries and certainly not the last!